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The increasing price of new vehicles has forced many drivers to buy used vehicles. With so many consumers now buying a used vehicle, it's hard to choose a good used vehicle because there are so many from which to choose. Ford vehicles, besides being known for being "built tough," always seem to keep drivers and their families happy. Bremerton drivers know they can come to Truck Town and find a great selection of used Ford vehicles and get a great deal.

What We Offer

When you come to our Bremerton dealership to check out our used Ford vehicles, we guarantee you will not be disappointed because we have a large inventory of almost any Ford you can imagine. If you're in the market for a good reliable car, check out our lineup of Ford Focus or Ford Fusion cars. We may even have the ever-popular Ford Thunderbird! We also have some late-model Ford Edge or Ford Escape SUVs. Truck lovers are seldom disappointed with our selection of Ford trucks, which might include Ford F-150 or Ford Ranger to name a couple.

Why Buy a Ford?

The reasons to buy a Ford are pretty simple. Ford has been around for many years and continues to satisfy customers with their vehicles and their great service. Ford vehicles are also some of the most technology-driven in the world. Ford has such a large variety of different types of vehicles, Tacoma shoppers are sure to find what they need, whether it's a small compact for their teen driver, a large SUV for the family car, or a pickup truck for the man in the family (or woman). Ford vehicles are also loaded with all the latest safety features.

Why Buy Used?

As exciting as it can be to buy a brand new vehicle, there are many benefits to buying a used Ford vehicle. Since insurance premiums are based on the value of the vehicle and how much it would cost to repair, a used Ford will have lower premiums than a new Ford. If financing is needed, the payments, interest, and loan term will be less with a used Ford, which means Bremerton drivers can upgrade to a newer model or be payment-free that much sooner. In some states, registration fees are based on the price and value of the vehicle. If you live in one of those states, your registration fees will be lower with a used vehicle. Since depreciation generally takes place the first year or so, a used vehicle will not go through as much depreciation, which means it will hold its original value longer. Used vehicles are also cheaper to repair than new vehicles because the parts are cheaper. Last, but not least, it's often easier to customize a used vehicle than a new one.

Extra Assistance

When you buy a used Ford from us near Port Angeles, we help you with more than just buying the vehicle. If you have a vehicle you need to sell or trade-in, we'll not only assist you with that but will also offer expert guidance in getting you a true value for your vehicle. With most customers, financing is a big part of purchasing a vehicle. We'll assist you with financing and help you get the very best interest rate. We understand that purchasing a vehicle can often be a confusing process and are here to ease the way for you.

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Unlike many other dealerships who are only concerned with making a sale, we offer service before, during, and after the sale. When you come to our Bremerton dealership, it's our goal to see you leave a happy and satisfied customer. If you have any questions or concerns after the sale, our team is always available to help and guide you. Whether you're in Olympia or Poulsbo, WA, contact us to learn more about our used inventory and finance offers.

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Buying a used truck at Truck Town comes with many benefits, including savings and an impressive lifespan on the road. Check out some of the Ford truck models we have and how they can benefit you!


At Truck Town, you will find that the Ford Ranger is a reliable choice with many distinctive features to consider. It has exceptional performance capabilities and a power train that outperforms much of the competition. This truck helps you maintain control in harsh road conditions, and the off-road package comes with features that help make the Ford Ranger a reliable powerhouse of durability and strength! It features comfortable padded seats with enough room for longer rides and is highly aesthetic with exterior accents that make you feel stylish and confident. We have diesel trucks for sale with many viable Ford options at Truck Town! This used truck is tried and true and a leader in the used market.


Enjoy high-quality 4x4 trucks for sale at our used truck dealership, and you'll find viable rides like the Ford F-150, which gives tremendous power and control. You can tow immense weight without a sweat, powered by an incredible engine to suit drivers with bolder transportation needs. The cabin is remarkably spacious, with a convenient panel and intuitive controls to adjust seating, temperature, and entertainment technology. There are also practical applications like a convenient and innovative hands-free driving system. The Used F-150 is also perfect if you need something reliable and durable for road trips and casual transportation. A great benefit of purchasing a used truck from Truck Town is not worrying about high depreciation or expensive repairs.


Of the many used trucks for sale at our Kitsap County dealership, you'll find the more powerful Ford F-250 model, a step up from the 150 in performance and comes with more features. It comes with a gas-powered engine offering exceptional horsepower and torque that gives you confidence while driving in extreme conditions by enduring and pushing forward effortlessly. The modified box frame is critical for a sturdy build to handle high weights while towing, made of 95% high-tensile steel for the most durable resistance. Choose from various used options at our dealership to suit your driving style and reach your maximum potential.


Among the many used Ford trucks for sale at Truck Town, you will find the F-350 to be especially advantageous with notable features. First, you should note the spacious cabin with enough breathing room to feel satisfied for hours. This massive truck is also exceptionally lightweight, with an aluminum body that swiftly turns without a problem in heavy traffic. The F-350 drives smooth and has versatile off-road capabilities for any terrain! We are proud to offer customers this truck in used condition. It receives a thorough inspection for safety and performance before getting added to the sales lot, ensuring a more excellent overall value. Ford is a model that continues to deliver even after driving many miles, and we are confident it will give you a reliable ride!


If you're looking for a more fuel-efficient vehicle, look at one of our used Ford Escape hybrid models. It comes with a modern head-up display to help keep you focused on the road and effectively minimizes distractions for a safer driving experience. Enjoy more fuel efficiency and a comprehensive safety suite that includes driver-assist and auto start/stop technology to save you even more at the pump! The Escape also allows you to customize your ride with the appropriate drive modes for more efficient navigation in weather.