You want the best for your vehicle. Here at Truck Town, we're happy to offer recommendations. However, some choices are best made according to unique factors based on each Bremerton, WA driver's lifestyle, driving habits, and preference. When it comes to choosing floor mats, the choice is a personal one. Here's an overview of the difference between all-weather floor mats and carpet ones.

You'll definitely want to have floor mats in your vehicle in order to protect the floorboards from dirt, grime, moisture, and spills. Carpet mats might be a good choice if you prefer the comfort and style they offer. They also tend to be more budget-friendly than many all-weather mats.

Vinyl or rubber all-weather floor mats are a more utilitarian option for many. They easily wick away messes because they're made of non-porous material. Stubborn stains can be washed off with a hose at the car wash. They're really great for people who have young children.