Gas prices in Bremerton, WA certainly aren't what they were several years ago. A trip to the pump can cut deeply into your budget if you aren't doing all that you can minimize your fuel use. At Truck Town, we want to share two fuel economy tips that are both easy to use and guaranteed to save you some cash.

Take Care of Your Tires

Overinflated and under-inflated tires are unsafe to drive on. They also increase your fuel use. Schedule tire care services at regular intervals to improve your vehicle's fuel economy. At Truck Town, we can help you set a solid schedule for wheel alignment, tire rotation, and tire balancing among other things.

Maintain a Steady, Reasonable Speed

Accelerating fast only to stop hard within just several seconds burns a tremendous amount of fuel. It's also hard on your vehicle. Accelerating slowly and maintaining a steady speed both save you cash and limit wear on your auto.