Apple CarPlay is a feature that you will find in most cars today. Apple CarPlay, which was first introduced to the automotive market in 2014, has revolutionized how drivers use their vehicles. There are several reasons why the software is so popular with customers in Bremerton, WA.

Making Driving Safer

Many users like Apple CarPlay because of how much safer it allows driving to be. Along with hands-free capabilities, Apple CarPlay assists drivers with the large icons that it displays on infotainment system screens. The large, and easily recognizable, icons allow drivers to quickly select menus without becoming distracted.

Major Software Changes

Since its origination, the Apple CarPlay software has received some great software updates. Many of the major changes that have been made to Apple CarPlay over the years have been to remove bugs from the software and to improve visibility for drivers. Additional applications, like Google Maps and Waze, have also been added to the software since its debut.