When it comes to transporting children around Bremerton, WA, nothing is more critical than ensuring their safety. Child safety seats are the last line of defense in protecting your most precious cargo. The selection of the appropriate child safety seat involves several factors including size, orientation, materials, and comfort. While most parents and caregivers are more than willing to pay top dollar for the best safety seats money can buy, many neglect the most important consideration of a child safety seat.

Proper installation of a child's safety seat is crucial to the performance of the seat as well as the comfort of your child. Many premier child safety seat manufacturers offer foolproof guides that help ensure proper installation. However, it remains important to understand the critical aspects of installing a seat. Nearly all modern cars in the US are equipped with ISOFIX mounting points in the rear seats. This is the preferred mounting method and It is very important to make sure that the straps are tight. Use your body weight by climbing into the rear seat and placing a knee in the bottom of the safety seat. Pressing down while tightening the straps will ensure that the seat is secure and the ISOFIX mounts will ensure that the seat is centered, providing optimum safety.