Driving with a trailer attached to your vehicle is slightly different than driving under normal conditions. You will need to be more aware and alert when you are towing a trailer. These are two of the largest maneuvers to take into account when towing a trailer.

Going in Reverse
Reversing a trailer is slightly difficult and is a new task that you should practice before loading a trailer. It is mainly important to remember that the trailer will go in the opposite direction of your steering input.

Getting In Control
It is important for you to learn how to control your trailer in the event that it begins to sway and lose control while you are driving. First, you should avoid panicking. Instead, loosen up and remove your foot from the accelerator to avoid making the issue worse. Next, hold the steering wheel straight and avoid adding additional steering inputs that will upset the trailer and vehicle. Last, apply light braking to the trailer slowly until the trailer regains control if it is possible.


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