When it comes to technological features, Ford never disappoints. Continue reading to learn about the Ford Ranger technology.

Ford co-pilot 360 technology
This technology provides driver-assist safety features to enhance the driver's confidence when driving. The Lane-keeping system that keeps the car on its Lane without the driver's input. The Ford collision warning with brake support alerts the driver when it senses collision possibilities with the vehicle in front. Besides, the car has pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking. With adaptive cruise control, the model can adjust the speed to match the traffic flow.

Terrain management system
The technology enables the driver to select the drive mode that suits the terrain. The drive modes include sand, grass, normal, gravel, and mad.

Trail control
The control system enables the driver to maintain the set speed by breaking the tires and managing the throttle. This technology applies to dangerous and precarious ground.

Auto start-stop technology
Ford Ranger engine has the auto start-stop technology that stops the engine when on traffic or when it comes to a standstill. This improves the vehicle's efficiency and enhances the fuel economy.
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