Sure, your vehicle might have looked great when you originally bought it, but over time, it's begun to show signs of age. You might notice that there are places where there are black spots or tiny rust specks on the body of the vehicle, but that's not aging, and there are actually simple ways to clean up the body of the vehicle if you've noticed this. At Truck Town in Bremerton, WA, we're excited to tell you about the benefits of using a clay bar.

A clay bar is just a piece of clay that you can buy in a kit from an automotive shop. This bar is ideal for when you want to manually pull flecks of brake dust out of the clear coat on your car.

Just spray on the lubricant that's provided in most kits; then, rub the bar of clay over the side of the vehicle. You'll know that the metal pieces are gone when you feel a smooth body.