Brake pads contribute to the critical result of slowing a car and bringing it to a stop. All brake systems rely on several different parts to do their job, and the brake pads are somewhat "in the middle" of the collective. All parts need to work to make a functioning brake system, and drivers must stay mindful of any problems. Pads and other parts could wear out.

What function do the brake pads serve? The calipers put some impact on the pads, which then press onto the rotors. Rotors are spinning metal discs connected to the wheels. Once the rotors bring the wheels to a stop, the car stops. Brake pads force rotors to do their job.

Since brake pads utilize friction to deliver results, the pads might suffer both routine and excessive wear. When worn, the pads may require replacing.

Truck Town awaits the call of drivers requesting brake work. Our Bremerton service center could check out the vehicle's brake system for any issues.


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