Before you apply any kind of touch up paint to your car, you need to practice on another piece of metal to ensure that you know what you're doing. Follow all of the instructions that are on the bottle, including getting a primer if necessary. This type of paint comes in numerous varieties including small spray cans, pens, and jars with small brushes.

The first step to applying touch up paint would be to find the right color that you need. When you begin painting, you need to do so in an area that has low humidity levels. If there is a lot of moisture in the area, then the paint will likely run and not set up on the metal. Try to find a garage that has proper ventilation as this would be the best location.

Use a soft cloth to clean the area that you want to paint, sanding the area if needed. Use a basecoat first before applying the paint, letting the paint dry before applying another coat.



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