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The Ford Super Duty is a Heavyweight Among Trucks

If you need a heavy-duty work vehicle, the Ford Super Duty is right for you. The Super Duty is one of the top choices when it comes to heavy duty vehicles. Whether you need to carry heavy loads or tow large items, the Super Duty will get the job done. Find out more about how this vehicle can make your jobs run smoother.

Enjoy best in class towing with the Ford Super Duty. The maximum capacity of this vehicle is an impressive 21,000 pounds. This capacity is supported by a full box frame composed of high strength steel. Further…

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Keep an Eye on the Road With a Blind-Spot Monitor

When you need to change lanes, the first thing you do is to check to see whether the road is clear. However, in the time it takes to put on your turn signal or take one last look at your side mirror, a car could appear out of nowhere. Blind-spot monitors can help you stay aware of your surroundings. Many of the new vehicles that we have at Truck Town in Bremerton come with this system.

Blind-spot monitors rely on sensors to detect the presence of other vehicles in those hard-to-see spots. Those sensors usually use ultrasonic or radar systems…
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Are You New to Off-Roading? Follow These Tips for Beginners

At Truck Town, serving Bremerton consumers, we try to keep our customers informed about their vehicles. If you have an SUV that you want to take off-roading, it is vital that you are prepared. Use these beginner off-roading tips to help you have a safe experience.

If you want to connect to others who enjoy off-roading, try local forums. Local forums are great places to learn skills and tips for beginners, and you can also learn where the best spots are for beginners. Local off-road shops and clubs are also great places to meet new people, and some of these…
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