Although small hatchbacks and massive SUVs have dominated the family car market for several years, crossovers are now a tremendously attractive option for Bremerton, WA vehicle shoppers. They have addressed an automotive market niche that hatchbacks and SUVs did not, and are able to implement those cars' positive features quite well, such as the responsive handling of smaller vehicles and the sought-after high ground clearance of SUVs.

Among the crossover's attractive features are seating position, options, handling, fuel economy, and space. Being substantially lighter than a traditional SUV, a crossover is naturally able to achieve more impressive fuel efficiency. Although they are built on similar platforms as smaller vehicles, crossovers allow extra room for a driver's cargo and passengers.

Seating positions, are particularly the elevation options of those positions, are another factor in favor of purchasing a crossover. Truck Town offers crossovers with comfortable and safe ride heights, which can be raised for visibility.