The vehicle is front and center for your upcoming road trip and ensuring its roadworthiness in advance is going to increase the fun factor. And Truck Town in Bremerton, WA wants you to know what to check prior to your journey.

The things you should check are the car fluids; hoses; belts; air filter; radiator; battery; wipers; tires; brakes and lights. Also, check your glove compartment to be sure you have your updated registration and insurance information. Be careful how you pack your SUV or other vehicle so that things don't move around and injure someone during travel. And make sure that your items don't hinder rear visibility.

If you don't know exactly how to check these items, Truck Town can help. We have helped many residents of Bremerton, WA successfully prepare for their weekend junkets, sightseeing trips, and week-long vacation. If you're going out of town, make sure your car is inspected first for any potential mechanical issues. As you drive off, feel free to leave the stresses behind.