Take Extra Care This Winter on Icy Roads

Here at Truck Town we see many drivers who have suffered accidents on icy roads. As the winter months settle in you should know the proper way to handle icy driving conditions and what to do when you begin to slide.

Handling a skid successfully is more about what you shouldn't do. You should never hit the brakes. This is often a driver's first reaction in times of trouble, but in the case of icy roads it is the wrong move. Instead you should lightly tap the brakes as you steer in the direction of the slide. In many cases your car will regain traction and proceed in a safe manner.

We invite you to visit us here in Bremerton for a test drive of your favorite car or truck, and we'll also be happy to share our tips for safe driving on icy roads. Sometimes the best course of action is to stay at home until the roads clear.


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