Go on a Summer Road Trip and Stick to Your Budget!

Sticking to a budget is an important part of having a stress-free summer vacation. If you are deciding on a road trip with family or friends, we at Truck Town have a few tips to keep your costs down. We want everyone in our community to be prepared for maximum summer fun!

Start your budget by planning your route and figuring out what gas will cost you round-trip. Once you have gas costs, you should budget for food, lodging, and activities. To cut expenses, look for deals and coupons while you are doing research. Sometimes staying somewhere nicer is cheaper than the alternative because of a coupon. You may also find that longer stays are cheaper than shorter ones at a bed and breakfast or hotel.

Activities that are budgeted are easier to enter into a plan, and everyone can get excited about them before they arrive. If you book ahead, you won't spend the time or extra money trying to find something last minute.



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