The Ford Edge: An SUV With A Modern Touch

The Ford Edge SUV is one that offers numerous design features that make you feel like you're driving in luxury while in Bremerton. The smooth lines and the fluid details on everything from the grille to the trunk of the car make it an SUV that demands attention.

LED lights are seen on the front and the back of the vehicle. You'll also notice that there is a 180-degree camera system, making it easier to see the details around you while you're on the road or while you're parked. Paddle shifters are located on the steering wheel, giving the SUV a racecar feel.

Seats inside the SUV are trimmed in leather. There are also anchors that help in keeping you from moving around while the vehicle is in motion. The hood and the wheels have been redesigned so that they look like the first generation of the SUV. However, there are a few options that you can get for a modern appearance while at Truck Town.



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