The Ford Super Duty is a Heavyweight Among Trucks

If you need a heavy-duty work vehicle, the Ford Super Duty is right for you. The Super Duty is one of the top choices when it comes to heavy duty vehicles. Whether you need to carry heavy loads or tow large items, the Super Duty will get the job done. Find out more about how this vehicle can make your jobs run smoother.

Enjoy best in class towing with the Ford Super Duty. The maximum capacity of this vehicle is an impressive 21,000 pounds. This capacity is supported by a full box frame composed of high strength steel. Further support is provided by the specially designed driveline parts and suspension. The Super Duty is ready to transport the heaviest loads.

You don't have to worry about your trailer tires when driving the Ford Super Duty. An exclusive tire monitoring system gives you up to date info at all times. Just look at your dash so make sure your tires remain at the correct pressure.

Test drive the Ford Super Duty to find out if it can handle your workload. Visit Truck Town for more information.



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