What is a Blind Spot Monitor in a Car?

Blind spot monitor is a car sensory device that detects other vehicles on the driver’s wing and behind. A blind spot monitor may send warning alerts in different varying forms, including vibration or audible sound.

How do Blind Spot Monitor Works?

The driver assistance technology senses the car coming from behind or alongside you, and if your signal is turned on, it alerts you not to change the lane.

Blind Spot Detection Vs. Parking Sonar

The two technology aids by protecting your car from the side and rear. However, the two differs in the following ways:

The blind spot was developed by Volvo a decade ago, and it provides an alert in case there is a car approaching you from behind or if it’s beside you. The warning remains until the vehicle in the adjacent lane is ahead of you or in at least a long distance that you’d have to be blind not to see. On the other hand, parking sonar utilizes an electromagnetic sensor to detect how close you are to nearby objects.


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