How to Clean Your Car’s Engine Properly

In an effort to help preserve the investment in your vehicle, Truck Town has a few cleaning tips for keeping the engine looking like new.

Choose a day of the week when there is abundant sunshine and no chance of rain. Be sure that the vehicle engine is cool, then start to remove any plastic coverings and set them aside so you can clean them separately.

Cover electrical parts with plastic so these parts are not damaged when rinsed. Apply degreaser to the engine parts, and allow to set so it can break down the grease and grime effectively.

After 30 minutes or longer, scrub those parts covered in degreaser and then rinse the entire engine and plastic parts. Use a clean rag to dry all the parts, or an air compressor hose will do an effective job removing the excess water.

Replace the removed parts, and enjoy your sparkling clean engine.



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